Bangladesh Slum Neighborhood Improving Sanitation

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Bangladesh Water First 1.25.13 (6)In a slum neighborhood surrounding Dhaka, Bangladesh, Covenant World Relief has partnered with Water 1st in establishing clean water systems and toilets in the crowded urban environment. These water systems are built with loans given to community members, which are repaid over a period of two years. The payments on these loans are put back into a revolving loan fund that now provides the water sanitation budget with roughly 40% of its income. In 2012, 55 water projects were completed that currently serve 3,555 people. In addition, 30 toilets were installed which serve over 1,200 people. On top of these tangible resources, Water 1st has provided materials and expertise for classes on water-related hygiene that reached over 17,000 people in the area.

Bangladesh Water First 1.25.13 (2)The close proximity of these water sanitation networks saves the community members considerable time in their daily lives. Long trips to the nearest water source are a heavy burden for many around the world. Often women and girls in a community are responsible for collecting water. With shorter travel times to water sources, some young girls can now return to school. Water access and sustainability is directly connected to women’s empowerment.

As mentioned, beyond the water-related blessings of these new water systems, there is also the added benefit of stronger financial independence. The loans that are lent to build and maintain the wells and toilets are repaid consistently. The strength of this financial system is even more evidence that these projects are working well and are benefiting the poor communities around Dhaka. Bangladeshi community members and Water 1st hope to be able to transplant ideas and techniques from the Dhaka project into other urban communities in need of clean water resources.


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Clean water systems and toilets are a great blessing. The top photo is from a Snake Charmers’ Slum (with real cobras!) near Dhaka. What a life changing experience to travel with Water 1st to meet these people whose lives have been so greatly helped by this ministry.

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