HEAL Africa Teaches Health and Environmental Strategies

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Educational sessions about health and environmental awareness are changing lives in Congo. In order to prevent the spread of malaria, many are learning how to properly use treated mosquito nets and keep homes clear of waste that could attract insects and disease. Some participants wondered about the effectiveness of mosquito nets when many do not have a bed or mattress to secure the net while sleeping. Facilitators were able to show even those without mats how to install and use nets for protection and safety.heal africa training

Before the awareness projects participants reported 694 cases of malaria per trimester. After the awareness training, the number of malaria cases per trimester decreased to 483.

Additionally, lecturers spoke about the importance of caring for nature to keep community health thriving. Following the lecture many communities began planting fruit trees and committed to replanting trees after cutting other trees down. General nutrition improved after learning about different food groups and vitamins. The health and well-being of the next generation in these communities is incredibly hopeful in light of these new health practices.

HEAL Africa works with over 340 community development advocates and educators alongside hundreds of Congolese volunteers. Eighty percent of their focus is on community development efforts while the remaining twenty percent encompasses direct healthcare services and training.

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