The State of Education in South Sudan

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During Dave’s recent trip to South Sudan, a large portion of his time was spent with the Vulnerable and Orphaned Children (VOC) project. This trip was full of both darkness and hope.

The majority of the school buildings in South Sudan are in rough shape. They are very dark and cramped. These tiny buildings are supposed to provide space for the adequate education of approximately 150 students!

The building pictured on the right is an unfinished school. This was a government funded building, but the government’s money ran out, and the school was left unfinished and unused.

A principal from one school told Dave that all of the children are so traumatized by the violence they have experienced and witnessed. He wonders if, in their devastated emotional state, they are really able to learn when they come to school.

It is very easy to feel discouraged by the state of the educational system in South Sudan. Thankfully, because of partners like the Evangelical Covenant Church of South Sudan, there are rays of hope.

This boy pictured on the left learned English and has loved teaching what he has learned to his community. As you can see, his English is quite good!

When Dave visited South Sudan, a child read him a speech on a behalf of the VOC project. It said,

“First of all we thank the Almighty God who united us through the body and the blood of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Therefore, we give our deepest gratitude to Covenant World Relief and Covenant Church congregations in the USA for their tremendous support of the poorest and marginalized kids who lost their parents through the violence in South Sudan. We receive so much support from Covenant World Relief in the USA. The support we receive from Covenant World Relief are education support, medical treatment, nutrition support, counseling services, and capacity building for our mothers and guardians.

Our profound thanks to Rev. David Husby, the director of Covenant World Relief, who has committed himself strongly to the support of the poor and the marginalized people all over the world. And we thank him for his special love for the people of South Sudan. We also thank the Evangelical Covenant Church of South Sudan administration office for their facilitation of this project that has saved the lives of many orphans and vulnerable children in South Sudan and Gambella, Western Ethiopia. 

We are kindly requesting the Covenant Church Congregations and Covenant World Relief to continue their support to this vital project that transforms the life of the poor and marginalized kids in South Sudan.

May God bless you! Thank you very much!”

Please consider supporting our VOC project in South Sudan or our other education projects around the world.

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