Transformation in the Red Light District – Nagma Madne

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Below is the story of a woman whose life was radically transformed when she was provided with the opportunity by CWR’s partner HCC to escape a life of prostitution. 

Nagma Madne is a 30 year old Hindu woman who come from a poor farming family. Her family’s daily income could not even support a day’s meal, so they spent many days and nights starving. Fed up with her family’s condition, she decided to work to help meet the family’s needs, but that job did not provide enough money.

As she was searching for another job, she came in contact with a woman who offered Nagma a good job but it was in Pune. Nagma blindly trusted her and moved to Pune. After reaching Pune, Nagma was forced into the prostitution business. It was a terrible time for her. She made several attempts to return home, but she failed. During her time as a prostitute, Nagma gave birth to three children. Her elder daughter is studying in Bidar and is in fourth grade, while her younger daughter is in first grade in Katraj. Her son is staying with her and going to a nearby school. She was having a very difficult time funding the education of her three children. 

The HCC staff visited her house at Budhwarpet, and during their conversation, Nagma showed a keen interest in leaving the sex business. To gain a sustainable livelihood, Nagma was provided with sewing machine. From that day on Nagma is earning enough to support herself and her family.

She never fails to extend her thanks to all those who have supported her leaving her former life. Today, Nagma is living a normal life. She stitches ladies clothing and is gaining a good income. HCC is helping Nagma’s children for education. Her son Pavan and two daughters Laxmi and Aishwarya are doing well in school.

To learn more about our partnership with the Hindustani Covenant Church, click here.

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