Loosing the Chains of Injustice

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Below is an exciting update from Truthseekers International, our partner in India working towards ending the injustice of the caste system in India. 

Earlier this month, Sunil and Grant [leaders from Truthseekers] went to Madhya Pradesh to start the first batch of Truthbearers training. Truthbearers is a term we are using to equip the OBC [other backward caste] priesthood. As villages accept their King, Yeshua, this means they reject the Brahmin priesthood that previously performed their sacred events. Truthseekers has begun the process of training these selected leaders, calling them Truthbearers, and is working towards teaching them to lead in all sacred occasions (such as weddings, funerals, etc) of the OBCs that were formerly conducted by Brahmin priests. 

Although we went to this event with the priesthood training in mind, God seemed to have a different plan. New people arrived, and we began introducing the people to Bali Raja, speaking freedom from Brahmanism and exposing the lies of their evil code. In closing, Sunil addressed the meaning of the red thread bound to their wrists. Many have been yoked with this thread their entire lives. The thread is a symbol of slavery. When the Brahmin ties it on, he says a mantra in a language no one can understand. It proclaims that, as Bali Raja became trapped in the underworld after he was conquered, the devotee is now trapped to continue steadfastly in his duty to serve the higher castes. Obviously these men don’t know what the thread means, or they would never tie it on. 

So Sunil explained the meaning, and invited the men up to have their threads cut off. We cut off hundreds of threads and burned them outside. Not only does it symbolically represent “loosing the chains of injustice”, but the threads remind us of the absence of our king, and the cry of our hearts is to see His return. 

The city that hosted this event, Khajuraho, is known for its thousand year old temples dedicated to the god that conquered Bali Raja. These temples are decorated with sensual and explicit carvings. What a joy to preach the gospel of the kingdom in contrast to a kingdom of slavery and lust!

Praise God that so many people are receiving the good news of freedom in Christ!

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Thank you for raising awareness for half billion forgotten slaves of India trapped in Brahminism. Please pray and see that Lord Y’Shua sets these brothers/ sisters free in our life time. Britton has just passed the law declaring castes system is crime. Lord bless you all who pay and pray!

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