Before and After: Tomato Plants in Haiti

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With our partner World Relief, we have been working on establishing a demonstration farm in Haiti, in the Christianville area. This farm will improve Christianville’s capacity to produce food for their nutrition programs benefiting vulnerable children, and to have a venue to train farmers in new agriculture and livestock techniques.

While this project has been successful in many ways, one of the clearest indications that the project going well is the before and after pictures to the right. The top photo shows what typical plants looked like before the implementation of a new technology called agro-mulch. This technology uses plastic to cover the soil, which reduces the incidence of pests and diseases on the farm. The top photo shows plants that were grown before the use of agro-mulch, so the plants are infected. The bottom photo shows plants that are thriving because they are healthy! Simple agricultural techniques like these are changing lives of people in Haiti.

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