Three Tangible Ways Our South Sudan Children Project Helps

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Our South Sudan Vulnerable and Orphaned Children project continues to work to alleviate the hardships facing children who have been marginalized by ongoing conflict and the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Two of the primary ways this project supports children is through funding education scholarships and medical care.

Mujuok Adwok is a 13 year old South Sudanese orphan. His father was killed in 2001 in the Sudan civil war, and his mother passed away in 2008 from typhoid fever. Young Mujuok lost his left leg in 2006 when he was just seven years old. He was shot by Arab militia. He now lives with his unemployed uncle, and their future is not bright. They live in a grass thatch roof (pictured here), which leaves them prone to the dangers of reptiles and insects.

This project is helping Mujuok and his uncle in three major ways:

  1. They will receive a new home built by the VOC staff, which will keep them safer and healthier.
  2. Mujuok is receiving a scholarship for his school fees, so he will be able to attend school and receive and education.
  3. The VOC project is also funding his medical expenses, which included a wheel chair, crutches, and a prosthetic leg. 

Below is a word of thanks from Mujuok:

I was told by Covenant Church leaders in Malakal that my school fees are being paid by CWR in USA. I am very thankful for ECCSS and CWR who supported my education and promise to buy me an artificial leg that will facilitate my movement. I thank Covenant World Relief (CWR) in USA for offering us this opportunity to learn and facilitate various needs which we cannot afford with our own efforts.

My profound thanks to Covenant Church Christian brothers and sisters in USA who contributed their precious gifts that bring change and transform our life and would bring us future prosperity through education and skill development of our parents and guardians. 

May the Holy Father Bless All the Compassionate who support the poor and marginalize people in South Sudan!

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