The Need Continues in Burma

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CWR’s mobile medical clinics project in Burma is in partnership with the Karen Department of Health & Welfare and Partners Relief & Development. They recently sent us a two-part update on what is happening there:

Political update

Burma’s political state is consistently tenuous. Many areas still have heavy fighting, while other areas are experiencing ethnic violence between various native people groups. The government offers little support for ending the violence.

In the Karen state, where our project is located, there is a fragile ceasefire. However, the Karen National Union (the self-proclaimed government of the Karen state) is dealing with internal conflict. Some of the leadership is distrustful of the peace process, while other leaders wish to move forward. They are attempting to reach a compromise so that they may move forward through this tenuously peaceful time.

Project update

A food shortage throughout the Karen state, cause by a low rice yield due to field rat infestation, is adversely affecting the mobile clinics. The clinics rely on their food supply coming from donations by villagers.

While the violence has lessened since the ceasefire began, there is still a considerable need for medical care because of poverty and an overall lack of development. Until development reaches the poor mountain people of Karen, there will continue to be a need for medical aid. Our clinics continue to provide free healthcare for those who need it, and this project continues to need your prayers and support!

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