When Things Don’t Happen the Way They Should

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Families in Cameroon are often split up because of job situations. For example, government workers are often forced to work away from their families, and farmers often have to travel to different regions that better support crops. For this reason, family events such as funerals, weddings, and graduation celebrations are often delayed until December, when they whole family can celebrate together.

Such family celebrations include large meals, which is great news for our Cameroon Chickens project. December brings requests for chickens that are 3-4 times the normal monthly rate. This is wonderful for our project, as it allows the participants to have added opportunities for raising and selling chickens, and ultimately getting extra profit for their families and communities.

However, things did not happen they should have. The project ordered 1,000 chicks for the month of December, but they were shortly notified that they would only receive 600. When they went to pick up the chicks, they only received 400. It was very disappointing!

While we like to hear positive and encouraging updates from our partners, the reality is that these projects happen in our broken world with broken systems. We don’t always receive good news about the projects. This story is a great reminder for us to always be praying for our projects and to continue to support our brothers and sisters in Cameroon and around the world.

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