Protein-packed food in Central African Republic

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Roy Danforth, Covenant missionary who is coordinating our partnership with Foods Resource Bank in the Central African Republic, recently sent an interesting update on the project. For more information about this project, click here.

Benoit, CEFA director, visiting the project

The Center for Experimentation and Training in Agriculture (CEFA), which is the non-governmental organization that we are partnering with in Gamboula, Central African Republic, recently had its director visit our agriculture program. He was surprised and amazed to see how much taller and healthier the new disease-resistant varieties that CEFA introduced to its village co-ops are doing! According to Roy, “the co-op members all had big smiles on their faces saying how happy they were the DEFA is helping them with raising more food with less work involved. In fact, these new improved varieties yield 4 times more root than the local, diseased varieties. In addition, the leaves are also good eating, having one of the highest protein contents of any edible tropical leaf.” 

Making peanut sauce

Roy also updated us on a new method for processing peanuts that is increasing the protein intake of the village population. They start with pounding peanuts into a peanut butter paste in one pot, while boiling water in another pot. Next they put the peanut paste in the boiling water and stir for a few minutes. Once the water starts to boil off and the oil rises to the surface, the sauce has reached the perfect consistency. It is poured into small bowls and served with cassava sticks – the CAR version of chips and dip!

We are thrilled that this project is working to provide better nutrition through nutrient-packed plants and protein-rich peanut sauce. Together, we are helping beat the malnourishment problem in the area!

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