Conquering her precipice

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Below is the story of Srinuan, the director of CHAC (the Center for HIV/AIDS Affected Communities). Srinuan’s life has been entirely transformed since her involvement at CHAC:

Srinuan, pictured second from left, with the other leaders of CHAC

Just a few years ago, before she found Christ, Srinuan was full of fear!  This last week when we were in Ranote at CHAC for planning meetings, she told Nujon, SDRF president, and me that before she met us, she felt like she was on the top of a mountain and that everywhere she turned there was another precipice.  She was pressed on every side with no place to go. She had AIDS and her two young daughters were a constant worry for her – she was afraid she was going to die and then who would look after them? She was paralyzed with fear and did not know where to find help.  That is when Nujon and I were pushed into her life by God (another story) and by God’s grace stood with her on her precipice and “touched” her (she says that she felt like an “unclean” and “untouchable” diseased person who was touched by God through us) and embraced her and defied the precipice! As we walked with Srinuan, God walked ahead of us and leveled the precipices and removed the fear from Srinuan, she says, until she finally dared to trust and depend on Him totally.  She opened up like a flower blooming and began to radiate the grace and power of God – for me she shined like an angel every time I saw her!   As God poured into her, she began to pour out and to bless those in need around her in the HIV/AIDS communities.  As she gave to others, God gave back to her and she grew in “wellness” and began to distribute that “new health” to those around her. Today she is “fearless” and full of the creativity and wisdom that God has poured into her by His grace. When we first saw her she was barely alive and today she has built CHAC by God’s grace and is now leading the leaders of CHAC that she has led into a “new life” relationship with Christ to build a CHAC Fish Farm with the empowerment of CWR and the SDRF.  She is not alone and she has conquered the “precipices” – Praise God!

Srinuan and others like her are working in their communities to transform the lives of others with the love of Christ. Praise God for committed people like Srinuan!

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