Showing God’s Love in Burma

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When we received the update from Partners Relief and Development, who is working with local leaders to bring health care and education to ignored people of Burma, we were excited to hear that there is potential for more stability in the area. Reproductive health is a major issue for many women around the world.  Ranking 49th in the world for the highest infant mortality rate at 49.23 out of 1,000 makes this a major issue for many women.  Having the opportunity to learn about birth spacing and nutrition has allowed many women to better care for their children and themselves.  Partners even noticed a decline in growth stunting of children in the past two years. Despite present injustices, medical care and health education have had a tremendous impact on a community! 

The injustice present in Burma is outstanding.  Children are bought and sold as soldiers in the army, landmines kill many innocent people, and the government spends on .4% of its budget on health care for its citizens while spending 70% of its budget on the military that destroys their lives.  Little stability and permanence is present in this place.  One of the Partners staff told the story a little boy who was incredibly weak and nursed back to health by his exceptionally dedicated mother.  After they thought he was stable and healthy, he died a month later from chicken pox due to poor health education and little access to healthcare services.  In this tumultuous region of the world, stability for newborns and children is precious. This is why this project, and others like it, are needed so terribly in this region. As they work with the Karen community, Partners and the clinics in the area are serving the people not just physically, but spiritually as well.  Partners notes, “The Good News is being demonstrated by healing the sick and by reminding the Karen people that they are loved by the Living God and not forgotten.”  This reminder is so special when thinking about this war-torn country.

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