An Outpouring of God’s Love

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As someone who grew up near large fields and the smell of wheat being harvested, I know the importance of a good irrigation system. Seeing crops transform during the long dry days of summer after a good dose of water is something beautiful to see. In Haiti, as part of our agriculture project, groups of farmers are working together in order to finance their irrigation systems.  From this system, they can better care for their crops and then be able to offer these services to others in the community for a reasonable price.  The watering of this land provides fertile crops and much needed moisture in the community.

Sometimes a natural element as simple as water gained through collaboration is the pouring of life a community needs to see the love of God flowing amidst their lives.  As water comes to these crops, the world’s brokenness is weakened and the hope of God’s kingdom is seen much more clearly. With the ability to plant their own crops, harvest the seeds for selling, control prices of crops, and be well fed, the community in Haiti is experiencing the outpouring of God’s love brought through God’s creation.

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