Saving lives with clean water in Central Asia

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Water by the numbers:

  • More than one billion people lack clean water around the world
  • 3.6 million people will die this year from diseases related to drinking unclean water
  • 2.6 billion people have little to no access to proper sanitation
  • 1.8 children die from diarrhea and other diseases that are the result of a lack of clean water

In an effort to combat these frightening statistics, Covenant World Relief is working with a partner in Central Asia to provide clean water to many small villages that desperately need it. Below is a testimony from a man whose life has been transformed by this project:

Before we walked a long distance for water outside our community, and had to bring the water collected by wheelbarrow.  In addition, we had many health problems because of the muddy and/or salty water, which was the only water available to us.  We spent lots of money on doctor visits and medicine.  We knew that using the other water was harmful for our health and we would spend too much money for medicine, but we had little choice.  Now, with the new well, our health and economic problems have greatly improved and everyone in this area is very happy with the new water well.  All of the community says ‘Thank you very much.’

Consider supporting CWR’s water projects around the world.

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