Chickens in the Kitchen

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Karen, Sharon, and Domtilla are three women who are participating in the CWR Jitokeze agriculture project. This project works with women in rural areas in Western Kenya who have been marginalized due to drought and conflict by empowering them to find methods for income and food security. The primary means for accomplishing this are through the training of women to grow drought-resistant crops, engaging in agroforestry, and breeding chickens. This provides them with income, which gives them access to the resources they need to provide for their families. 

The three women mentioned above are participating in the program by breeding and raising chickens. By participating in the animal loan program last summer, each woman received seven chickens. The women have done such a great job breeding that they are ready to give the original chickens back so that more woman can participate in the program. Already, Sharon and Domtilla each have 20 chickens, and Karen has 30!

Each of these women is so passionate about her work and what she has accomplished. They have big dreams for the future: they hope to breed their chickens until they have flocks of 100 or more, and they are seeking further training on how to raise large groups of chickens. They are even hoping to receive a loan for building a structure to house the chickens; currently, Sharon and Domtilla keep the chickens in their kitchens at night to protect them from predators.

It is wonderful to see the dedication of these women and the ownership they have taken with this project. Not only have they have gone far beyond what is expected of them, but they are also sharing their experiences so that others may benefit from the project, too. Please consider giving to this project here.

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