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Here at the Covenant World Relief office, we are always interested in hearing about the creative ways that churches and individuals spread the word about CWR and raise funds for projects. It is exciting to hear about the fun ideas that our generous donors come up with, and we hope that by sharing these stories, other donors will get excited and be creative too!

We received the following letter from Christ Covenant Church in Harleysville, PA:

CCC kids with their handmade drums, singing a Congolese song

Enclosed you will find a check which the Sunday School classes of Christ Covenant Church in Harleysville, Pennsylvania, collected for the “Back to School” mission. Our project lasted six weeks, from February to early March. It included having the children make drums so they could collect change for doing chores or other “good” deeds. Each week they heard a story from the booklet and made a small craft to keep their mind and hearts attuned to the reason for filling their drum. The project culminated with them singing a song in the Congolese language followed by a loose-plate offering during our worship service. We explained to them about the things their change could supply for these children, and they seemed truly excited about helping kids get back to school. It is our prayer that the small offering can make a difference in the life of some of these children.

Wow! What a joy it was for us to receive that letter. If you or your church is looking do something creative like this, please contact us with any questions or material requests you may have. Many thanks to our donors, who take the time and effort to organize such exciting projects on our behalf!


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Escalon Covenant Church in California also just did a creative job engaging with the Children’s Service Project. The kids sold packs of gum, worked extra chores, searched car and couch seats and memorized books of the Bible in a pledge-a-thon. Thanks, Escalon!

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