Water Well Drilling Begins in Kenya

2 comments Written on March 29th, 2012     
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We are excited to report that our water project with the Evangelical Covenant Church of Kenya Kitengala is moving forward. This project will not only provide a much needed resource of clean water but also finance the education program for Congolese refugees. We received the following update and photo from Pastor Simon Kamau:

I’m filled with joy of the Lord for the breakthrough that we have witnessed. Finally the water drilling machine is in the ground and the drilling has begun. This is after a long wait of licensing but God is all faithful.

After drilling we shall install the immersion pump, water tanks, and piping which will lead us to begin selling water.

God bless you for enabling us realize our dream towards a self-sustaining education project.


Thanks for your support for this clean water project!

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2 comments “Water Well Drilling Begins in Kenya”

I am a volunteer with an aid group in Judique, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada. Our community group ‘Inverness County Cares’ has pledged to donate $500 a month for food, to the St Charles Lawnga Children’s Centre and Secondary School in Ruai, Nairobi Kenya. Although this amount covers most of the food for the 150+ AIDS orphans who live and study at the school they are also in great need of a reliable, clean water supply.
As part of our support we have built a webpage for the school to help attract help for the school and let donors follow the schools progress.
Is there a possibility that your program could help them obtain a clean reliable water source?
Colleen MacLeod

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Thanks for your question. I will send you an email response.

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