Vietnam Vocational Training Center – Truc’s Story

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We always look forward to receiving updates from our partner in Vietnam, South-East Asia Relief (SEAR) because they share with us such wonderful stories of transformation of the young people they work with. Below is the story of Truc, a 16 year old boy who just began his time at the vocational training center. (For more information on the work of SEAR, click here.)

Truc beginning to smile

“Truc became known to the mission SEAR and the Blessing Motorcycle Wash & Oil Change Center by a referral from the Viet-Nam government, the Dept. of Labor, Veteran Affairs and Social Services in Da Nang city. SEAR staff learned that the boy, Truc had stopped going to school, as his mother had recently died, and he had little supervision, being in his small home alone. Truc’s father had died earlier.

A visit was made to Truc’s house by Mr. Rex, the SEAR USA director and with Mr. Ngoc, SEAR Viet-Nam representative.

At first contact, Truc’s older sister and Truc’s aunt also went to Truc’s house, where Truc was met. Truc was not alone with SEAR staff at first meeting. Truc was afraid, did not smile at all, as he learned about SEAR and its BMWOCC. Truc learned that SEAR had a special place for boys who needed supervision, work and help returning to school. Truc could also live there as well, and would be free to visit his relatives and come home on weekends. Both Mr. Rex and Mr. Ngoc talked to Truc and his relatives and showed him pictures of the BMWOCC. Truc was encouraged to visit.

Several weeks went by, and there was talk about visiting Truc again, out of concern for him; when one day he came to the BMWOCC with his aunt and with government paper work giving Truc permission to live at the wash center. Truc was uneasy; he had to begin living in a new place, and had to fit into a place where there were already 8 other boys. He was very quiet for the first week as he learned about washing motorcycles, changing oil and started making friends at the center. At the end of his first week, because there was a lot of work on Saturday, he was encouraged to go to church on Sunday morning with the other boys, prior to returning to his home.

Truc knew the BMWOCC was different, as SEAR staff, Mr. Ngoc, nurse Vuot, and Mr. Rex, prayed before eating. The boys that had lived there for some time, also prayed before eating. There was happiness present, and boys were always encouraged to care for each other and show respect for others as well.

Truc was afraid the first time he went to church, as he had never gone before. Truc was surprised the church was full of other Viet-Nam people and there were many young people there, his age. Since his first visit, Truc has gone to church every Sunday, riding with the other boys from the BMWOCC in the SEAR Suzuki Window Van.

Now after living and working in the BMWOCC for over 6 months, Truc has many friends. He likes living and working in the center. He is back in school, in the 10th grade and is doing very well. Truc now smiles a lot. He has learned work responsibility, and knows there are people who care for him, love him and pray for him daily. Prior to Mr. Rex returning to the USA, Truc asked questions about the Bible, and listened, as Mr. Rex prayed at the end of each day.

Pray for Truc. The Christian faith, believing in a God who loves him personally, and sent HIS Son to die for him, to be a savior for the world, to save all who believe in HIM, is very different. The Gospel is very different. Like most all of the other youth in the BMWOCC, Truc’s relatives only know about Buddha or worshiping the spirits of the dead, or simply living by conscience.

The SEAR USA staff who know about Truc pray for him daily. Pray that soon, Truc would decide

Truc (blue checkered shirt) learning bicycle assembly

to follow the Lord Jesus. Pray the Truc and others would respond. It is because of boys and girls like Truc that SEAR is in Viet-Nam. Growing up under communism, most youth and children have never yet heard the Gospel, having very limited opportunity to hear it.

Thank you for your prayers and support which allows SEAR to continue to work, serving and helping the young, very poor in Viet-Nam.”

Please continue to pray for young people like Truc, whose lives are being transformed because of CWR partners like SEAR.

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