Ongoing healing for women in the Congo

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The Lord continues to use our partner in the Democratic Republic of Congo, HEAL Africa, to act justly and show mercy.  HEAL Africa, as discussed in this previous post, works to prevent and alleviate the struggle of individuals with vesicovaginal fistula, or VVF.  Our partner’s work to heal, reconcile, and renew has continued over the last several months in the lives of many people.  A total of twelve new women from three different regions of the DRC have been given the life-altering surgery to have their fistulas repaired.

One of HEAL Africa’s goals is to be a part of repairing much more than the physical brokenness of the Congolese.  In addition to surgery, the desire is to see transformation happen on an emotional, mental and spiritual level in the lives of the women, as well as in their communities.

A number of the patients that have received surgeries are divorced—for all of them the divorce was the result of their condition.  The rejection from their husband results in an economic barrier that now needs to be overcome.  HEAL Africa has implemented a project which includes economic regeneration programs to teach and encourage women with new skills to assist them through their journey along rough and uneven paths.

Praise be to God for the healing that He is orchestrating.  All twelve patients have left the hospital; they, along with their families, are so grateful for the way they have been blessed.  Our partner tells us, “Even the youngest, who was raped in this post-conflict country, has again found her smile.”


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