Stories of Transformation in India

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Below are four stories of empowerment from our partner in India, India for Christ Ministries:

Lakshmi and her husband Venkataramana live in a very poor village with their two daughters, ages two and thirteen.  They were deep in debt, which left them feeling hopeless.  They worked for years as field laborers, struggling to survive and make ends meet.  Oftentimes, though, there was not work available in the fields, and without education, they had no other option for employment.  Without work, they could not provide food or education for their children.

With a small loan from IFCM, Lakshmi and Venkataramana were able to buy a small plot of land and began growing tomatoes.  The harvest so far has been decent, so they have made a small profit.  With the profit, they were able to buy two bulls to aid with their farming.

Srinivasulu and his wife Adiamma came from a very poor family.   Added to their struggle was the fact that Srinivasulu was often very ill and could not support his family.

After much prayer and support from his church, he was healed!  He was also baptized and is now involved in ministry with the pastor at his church.  With a small loan from IFCM, he was able to buy a sewing machine and makes a good living by tailoring and stitching clothes.


Reddy Basha and his wife Bhanu had a very poor outlook on life.  Reddy Basha was very sick with kidney issues, and doctors told him he would not survive.  After two months of prayer, though, the Lord miraculously healed him and he was baptized in the church.

After receiving a loan from IFCM, Reddy Basha set up a small tea shop in his community.  The shop has been very successful, and Reddy Basha has been sharing his story with all who come in.

Kondamma, an elderly widow, has been working with her daughter as field laborers for years.  Field labor is very inconsistent, so they were continually struggling to survive.

ICFM provided Kondamma with a small loan, which she used to start a small business raising chickens.  She has made a small profit and is now able to support herself and her daughter.


These stories and pictures bring life to the work of CWR and help us remember that we do more than give people loans – we show them the love of God and provide support through the body of Christ.


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