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It is difficult to imagine a living situation of such destitution that feelings of hopelessness result in parents willingly sending their children away to work in sweat shops, factories and the sex industry.  In underdeveloped areas where finding education options beyond the sixth grade is nearly impossible, children are left with very few options to help their families survive.  Unfortunately, this is the heartbreaking situation in many urban areas of Thailand, where this “solution” to the harshness of life is socially condoned.

The Tutorial Learning Center (TLC) in Nam, Thailand, addresses this situation of many marginalized youth.  The TLC offers the power of knowledge and education that these youth can use to assess their own needs and the needs of their communities in constructive ways, as well as understand how their gifts can be used to benefit their communities.

The Sustainable Development Research Foundation of Thailand (SDRF), which founded the Tutorial Learning Center in Thailand, is addressing this problem holistically by rectifying the source of the problem – the ineffectiveness of the educational system.  The SDRF does so by partnering with local schools in offering support and continued educational opportunities for these at-risk youth.

The TLC offers a variety of opportunities, ranging from after-school programs to research and study programs that include such choices as public health research and practice, aquacultural research and practice, agricultural research and practice, forestry research and practice, spiritual development; local culture & musicology research and development; and ecological construction research and practice.

The TLC also offers a dorm-type housing situation for 32 of the most at-risk youth.

There is a great amount of interest in this project from the community, as the number students attending the TLC is quickly increasing.  This project, which was started just last month, has already seen great success.  There are currently 12 students living in the dorm, but so many more are interested in the project that there is a great need for a second dorm.  All of these students are receiving tutoring for their school work and are being taught computer skills.  Already, the students have started food supplement projects, including raising crickets and chickens, and planting gardens.  It is very exciting to see how quickly the TLC has positively impacted the foundation for the future of these Thai youth.

To learn more about this project, or for an opportunity to give to this project, click here.



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