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The following is a report from our partner in India, the Hindustani Covenant Church.

Govandi is the biggest dump in Asia.  Everyday 3500 trucks dump the garbage from surrounding areas into this community.  There are about 2000 families situated in this Govandi area, most of which are below the poverty line.  Education, health, and sanitation are the basic needs of this area. In response to the community’s needs, the Hindustani Covenant Church (HCC) and its relief and development agency Covenant Social Services (CSS) have started rag-picker child development, a project that focuses mainly on education and health.

Since Salim Kareem Navrangi was 10 years old, he has been coming to the dump yard to collect the garbage. The HCC/CSS development officer met Salim and had the opportunity to talk with Salim and got to know his story. He comes from a very poor family with two brothers and three sisters. His parents, along with the rest of his family, live day-to-day financially.  His parents wanted their children to get an education, but due to financial problems they all had to work instead so that they can support their family. After meeting the development officer, Salim decided that he wanted to pursue an education, so he started attending the non formal education at Govandi.  The teacher at the Govandi found Salim to be very intelligent and thought that he was eligible to be admitted into the regular government school.  The Govandi teacher personally went to the school and requested that the principal enroll Salim into the school. After hearing Salim’s story, the principal felt called to admit Salim into the school.


Today, Salim has studied up to 10th standard (grade) and is now in vocational training to be a mechanic. Salim has become independent through the help of HCC/CSS, and as a result, is trying to further his education while working part-time for as a mechanic to financially support his family.

He also encourages the other rag-picker children to attend HCC/CSS non-formal education classes, as a way for them to help themselves and their families for a better future.

As a way to show his gratitude, Salim helps the HCC/CSS center whenever there is any volunteer work needed. Salim remains grateful and thankful to HCC and the donors who have made it possible for him to be able to pursue his goals and dreams.


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