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Janish Beck (JBeck in the video) is 34 years old, but he is already the leader of a group of three villages outside of Naryn, Kyrgyzstan. Janish is also the state representative for the wider district comprising seven villages. A few weeks ago I stayed at his house with Bob Shim, ECC worker in Thailand who formerly lived and worked in the Naryn area.  Janish has a heart for the poor which make up the majority of the people in this region.  Several years ago Janish started an animal loan project for those with few or no sheep or goats.  Bob Shim learned of this and CWR was able to help expand the project.


Janish (on the right) with others from Naryn

Bob and I visited more than 25 families who have or are currently benefitting from the animal loan project.  I was a bit concerned when I heard that the project had expanded to all of the seven villages, so I asked Janish how he is able to keep up with this and all of his other leadership responsibilities. He told me that he is forming small groups of young men who are taking responsibilities for leading the project in their village.  Some people need to spend years learning leadership skills.  God seems to have instilled this all of this in Janish.  He just gets it.  Please watch this great video of the animal loan project that Bob Shim produced.  You can give to this project here.

[vimeo id=”22654282″]


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