CWR Value in Focus: Root causes are addressed, not just symptoms

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It is obvious as one gets to know Truthseekers International in India that they are very focussed on justice, but how does an organization or a project go about bringing justice? Our current project in partnership with Truthseekers focuses on bringing together members of various castes in India for rallies or summits to envision what it means to bring justice and to strategize together. At one of the recent summits, some of the questions they were asking were:

  • How can we build on the legacy and resources of past social reformers in our context?
  • The caste system is the plague of our nation, and our biggest problem among those who collectively wish to fight the system is also division among ourselves. How can we overcome this?
  • How much does globalization play into the caste system and the sustaining of status quo?

They were asking and trying to find solutions to some very tough questions! Some of the next steps they are taking to answer these questions are to have a national gathering later this Spring to increase awareness of the injustices and to bring more national attention. Another step they are fighting for is to bring English and technical education to the marginalized and low-caste people. Access to education is always a justice issue and they are working to bring solutions and practical ways to bring justice.

May the words of Amos come true, “But let justice roll on like a river,  righteousness like a never-failing stream!” (Amos 5:24).

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