Transformation through Agricultural Training

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A story from the CWR agriculture project in the Central African Republic in partnership with Foods Resource Bank. The story comes from Covenant Missionary Ray Danforth who coordinates this project:

Abassi and his family fled the Central African Republic (north of Gamboula) three years ago when the armed bandits were wreaking havoc. These bandits targeted the Fulani by capturing family members and holding them ransom for huge sums of money, where cattle had to be sold in order to pay the ransoms.

Abassi holding up his new shovel at his co-op meeting

Abassi, along with 3,000 other Central African Fulani fled CAR for protection across the border in Cameroon. We live 5 miles away from the border and it is where we do frequent shopping for supplies. But, when the town suddenly got overpopulated with these Fulani refugees, the UN moved in to help with farming supplies, medical care, and food. But they provided no training in agriculture nor were any health lessons being taught. Two years ago, the missionaries started to meet with these Fulani refugees on a weekly basis, both men’s and women’s groups. CEFA has participated in the agriculture lessons and has helped with getting bean and vegetable gardens going. Abassi has attended these teaching sessions and as reported in the last report, he did so well with raising vegetables, that he was able to buy chicks and raise chickens for egg production. His family enjoyed eating the eggs, providing his family with a good source of protein. After a while, he raised enough money from selling adult chickens that he bought himself a sheep so that he can earn money from the sale of sheep meat plus being able to feed his family with more meat. CEFA has started to teach some of the basic principles in organizing village cooperatives, so Abassi’s expertise will be helpful in getting others to work together and bring success to more and more of the refugees.

Abassi with his sheep

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