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2 comments Written on December 31st, 2010     
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Redeemer Covenant Church in Beloit, WI has been doing some really creative work to raise money for our sheep project in Kyrgyzstan. This was their last bulletin insert. We’d love to hear your creative ideas for raising awareness about CWR projects.

Don’t get me wrong, Bethlehem is great, but we’re really needed in Kyrgyzstan. Rams $250, Ewes $60, or you may purchase her physical attributes as follows: the body for $15.00, the head for $10.00, one leg for $6.25, the tail for $5.00, one hoof for $1.00, or one ear for four bits.

A huge thanks to their Treasurer, Keith Perkins, for his desire to inspire and lead his congregation to get involved. Thanks Redeemer Covenant for taking your time and money this Christmas to work together with the people of Kyrgyzstan!

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2 comments “Creative Bulletin Insert”

Very clever!

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It was a lot of fun. 🙂

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