Meet Youth from Vietnam With a Brighter Future

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Covenant World Relief is working in partnership with Southeast Asian Relief (SEAR) to provide vocational training for young men and women in Vietnam. Let’s meet some of them:

Nguyen Pham is 19 years old and lost his father. He is now a resident at the Blessing Motorcycle Wash and Oil Change Center. He is receiving support to learn a trade that he can use to start his own business in the future. Nguyen’s education only costs $80 for six months.

Tran Thanh is 16 years old and his parents do not have enough to support his education any longer. Through this CWR project, Tran is now able to learn motorcycle repair in order to save money for his future while learning a valuable skill. Tran’s training in motorcycle repair costs approximately $20 per month.

Vo Thi Thao is 15 years old. She was forced to drop out of school because her family is very poor and could not afford the costs for even the public schools. She is now learning the skills that can lead to a viable career in a local beauty shop. Vo Thi Thao’s training costs only $20 per month.

Several of the students needed a way to get from their homes to their internship/ vocational training location. These bikes were able to provide them a reliable way to get to their jobs for just $50. One student, Doan Thi Hoi’s father is ill and her mother has resorted to prostitution to provide support for the family. However, Doan Thi Hoi (16 years old) is able to now get to ride her bike to her sewing class. By learning a trade, like sewing, Doan Thi is assured to have skills that will provide her many opportunities so that she does not end up in the same situation as her mother.

Would you consider participating with CWR as we work together to provide a better future for these youth in Vietnam? You can learn more about this project and give directly to these students here.

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2 comments “Meet Youth from Vietnam With a Brighter Future”

A good Christmas project.

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I really would like to work in the ministry. I definitely would like to help lots of people from all over the globe. Please reply to my email address… Thank You,… AND HAVE A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

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