Colombia Hope for Life Update

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Every once in a while you hear those stories that just warms your heart and makes you thankful for the local church empowered to show Christ’s love to those in their community.  The story of Hope of Life Covenant Church in Colombia was one of those stories for me.  They had previously started a program for preschoolers to give them a head start on their education and also provide nutritious meals for them.  The work they’re doing through this program attracted the notice of the city, and the government has recommended that this program grow in size.  This church recently added on another roof and other repairs to another part of their facility in order to double the size of the program.

Not only does this preschool program benefit the children in some really positive ways, but it assists the community in other ways as well.  It provides local people with steady cleaning and maintenance jobs.  It also provides the moms of the preschoolers the opportunity to look for work if they are in need of it.  It has proved to the city that the church is trustworthy.

I really appreciated hearing about this story because this church is making a quietly profound impact on their community.  They are showing the love of Christ through practical ways that are transforming the community.  Redemption is coming to this town through healthy food and learning the alphabet.  Cycles of poor nutrition, unemployment for single moms, and inadequate education are being reversed.  We often hear the negative stories, the failures and the flops.  But Covenant World Relief is specializing in the success stories, when the Church is getting it right, and that’s so encouraging to hear.

Please pray about ways that you can become involved in aiding the local church.

-Lizzy Lwanga, intern for CWR

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This is WONDERFUL!!!

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