CWR Partner Update: Thailand Sustainable Development Research Foundation

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Nan province in northern Thailand is one of the most marginalized and isolated areas in the country. The people who call this area home are often deprived of the most basic necessities in life, including a lack of hope for the future.

Since 2008, Covenant World Relief has partnered with the Sustainable Development Research Foundation (SDRF) to work on various community development projects throughout Thailand. Over the past four years, SDRF has been working in Nan province to enable local churches and communities to address their basic needs.

Recently, SDRF has developed “The Center for Sustainable Development” in Nan province, which is a center focused on enabling local at-risk communities in the area to experience the power of God in their daily lives.

One of the current projects at the center is the construction of a training building for local church and community leaders in the area. They will receive training about building sustainable communities. The implementation of several rural development projects are taking place as well, which include the domestication of wild pigs and the production of black chickens to benefit the surrounding communities.

Currently, both of the pig and chicken systems have been purchased and the pig system has already started in Nam Khe village. So far, 14 families in the community have been impacted by the pig project. Not only have they received pigs from the center, but they have been taught how to breed and raise the pigs in the village in a sustainable manner.

The pig project is continuing to flourish, and the chicken project is soon to follow. Community leaders have even begun to discuss what it would look like to implement the production of Tilapia as well.

Indeed, it is exciting to see the way that God is working to create a hopeful and entrepreneurial attitude within the communities in Nan province. We are excited to continue to receive updates on the way that the SDRF and the Center for Sustainable Development are working to meet the basic needs of every person in the Nan province.

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