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We have just returned to Nairobi, Kenya after nine productive and adventure filled days in Sudan. I am so thankful that Curt Peterson, James Tang, and Pete and Cindy Ekstrand were a part of the team.  We shared some harrowing boat rides and plane trips. Together we thanked God for his protection.  We moaned about the heat to each other. We teased each other. We laughed a lot. We learned about and experienced the amazing culture of the Nuer tribe together. We were able to share responsibilities and teaching during workshops. We were able support each other during our discussions with the leaders of the Evangelical Covenant Church of Sudan (ECCS).  As we move forward I hope that CWR can work even more closely with Covenant World Mission. There is no doubt that we can become even more effective through greater cooperation.

After spending significant time with the ECCS leaders, I am also looking forward to working more closely with them as they seek to serve and work with the poor and suffering in these very unstable times in South Sudan. I have encouraged the ECCS leaders to seek other partners to work with as well. It has been a delight to spend time with folks from our close partner World Relief International. WRI expressed an interest in working with the ECCS in Unity State to start with, and if the political situation stabilizes over the next two years, WRI would be open to expanding the cooperation in the future. The country director of WRI said he would also be willing to help the ECCS get connected to other groups working in South Sudan. Yesterday we learned of a gathering next week in Nairobi of faith based organizations working in Sudan. James Tang will be attending that conference looking to learn what others are doing and seeking out new potential partners to work with in Sudan.

Last night Curt left for the US. Today we will say goodbye to James who will remain in Nairobi to spend time with his wife and children who live here. In a couple of hours Cindy, Pete, and I will fly to the coast of Kenya where we will spend the next five days. We will miss Curt and James, but we are looking forward to being together with leaders of the Evangelical Covenant Church of Kenya and exploring ways that all of us can work more closely together.

Teamwork is a good thing.

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