Earthquake update

punto de acopio

It has now been almost a month since the earthquake hit the coast of Ecuador, the official death toll is in the 600s but those are only the people that have been found and identified. Most people speculate that number

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Earthquake Report #1

I just want to give an initial, and possibly scattered report on what is happening currently from our point of view collaborating with IPEE (The Covenant Church of Ecuador) in the earthquake relief efforts in the last couple of days. 

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Around Holy Week in Ecuador you won’t be able to miss the special dish, called Fanesca offered only¬†during the days leading up to Easter and unique to this country. It is an elaborate, rich stew that is labor intensive …

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A happy belated birthday to Erik who turned 30 last Thursday, on the 18th. He is a wonderful man who is the best partner in life and a great friend. We had several celebrations over the past few days, and …

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Market Research

bio feria sign

I wanted to share some exciting news about a project that is currently in the works. It is something that hits the sweet spot of many things we truly are passionate about: agriculture, food, sustainability, design, business, partnership, and shopping! …

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The Amazon and Back


Machetes, tarps and baskets of avocados have now become essential road trip items. Last week we packed up the car and did a 1000 kilometer loop through the Amazon region of Ecuador visiting projects and sites of future projects. It …

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Lote 3

One of the projects that we have been working with that excites us most is the Dairy Co-op in a rural community called Lote 3. The community has only a few hundred inhabitants and sits in the rolling mountainside well …

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