A time for everything

Happy 4th of July from the Amundsens in Ecuador!

Happy 4th of July from the Amundsens in Ecuador!

If May was a whirlwind, June was a bit sluggish.

We started the month without a vehicle for a while which forced us to lay low and get work done around the house. Then some sudden and unexpected leadership changes occurred within our organization and so that mean that some of our projects are on a temporary pause while the transitions take place. Finally, many of our colleagues are on vacation during this season so things are overall very quiet on the national church level.

Perhaps what made June seem to drag on, however was our anxious excitement for the coming of our old friends and newest colleagues, the Hoskins family here to Ecuador! They finally arrived on the 17th and the energy has definitely picked up. Chris, Jenny, and their two kids have been staying in our home as they get settled in and prepared for their long term missionary service. They have a LOT of work ahead of them- finding a house, buying a car, getting all appliances and furniture for their house, registering their children for school, doing all immigration paperwork, obtaining driver’s licenses, meeting with church leadership and establishing their positions as collaborators, among MANY other important and time-consuming things. It is a much more involved process than we experienced as short-termers. All while wrangling two very precocious and energetic children! Erik and I have tried to help out the best we can by accompanying them on errands, watching the kids, loaning our car, and whatever else may be needed. We “joke” that this is good preparation for parenthood for us. But we have enjoyed reuniting with our friends and taking advantage of this low season to be there for them in the midst of their overwhelming mountain of to-dos upon their arrival. Please be praying for the Hoskins!

As the writer of Ecclesiastes points out in chapter 3,  “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.” And so, whether whirlwind or lull, we submit ourselves to the daily task of remaining faithful to our call. We thank God and trust his never failing provision and care. 


  The Hoskins family on a chilly day in the Andean clouds.

Incorporating a Japanese tradition of "watermelon pinata" during the Hoskins' welcome party at our house.

Incorporating a Japanese tradition of “watermelon pinata” during the Hoskins’ welcome party at our house.

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