on the regular

words by jenny

As we have a alluded to many times before life here runs at a different pace, has the beat of a different rhythm than the life that we left behind in Chicago and that many are accustomed

seminary in Ecuador

words by Chris

As of late we have been hinting at some changes here.  It is about time I give some more details. I have been asked by our Ecuadorian church partners here to become the interim rector of the

asamblea nacional

words by chris

Last weekend was the gathering of representatives and pastors from the Ecuadorian Covenant churches for the Asamblea Nacional (National Assembly). Pastors and church lay leaders headed to the rural, and humid, Covenant Camp in Santo Domingo de

ch – ch- ch – changes

This new year has brought a new change in ministry for our family.  The Covenant Church of Ecuador (IPEE) has continued to see many transitions and changes throughout this past year with our new leadership.  Just recently, Chris was asked


14 (!) years ago, Chris and I started dating while studying abroad in Mexico. We travelled the country and ate wonderful food and took in Mexican history and culture and made amazing friends and managed to learn a bit of

why am I so drawn to Epiphany?

words by chris

In our office at home I keep a framed image from a church bulletin of the baptism of Jesus. I think there are a variety of reasons why I am drawn more and more to the church’s

falling Christmas hams: miracles in the (extra) ordinary

words by Chris

Many of us enjoy the age-old tradition of watching holiday movies during the break.
These often entail a plot that inevitably involves some “Christmas Magic” to remind
us all of the “spirit” of the season. Whether it

in the waiting

ah, it’s been too long.

and thus I am sure that this post will be a random smattering of our life lately.

Part of our radio silence has been due to the fact that my computer crashed beyond repair and

lessons from el ratón pérez

words by jenny

There is always more to learn.  Always.

New vocabulary words and nuances to the way that sentences are structured and when certain phrases are used.  More history to read and hear about and festivals and holidays to

hope for the future :: being good neighbors

“People are just now realizing that this is the rest of their life. The future has happened. It happened the 16th of April 2016. That date determined the future. We have really only just begun the work of uncovering that

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