the sands of transformation

words by chris

After arriving back to our home at 2 AM on July 4th from the United States, we slept a few hours, packed up our coastal wardrobes, assumed the seated position in our cars and drove the six

19 days of home

Chicago, Detroit, Otter Tail and Minneapolis. 19 days filled to the brim.

In Chicago we reconnected with our beloved community and the place that was home to our little family for 5 years.  We attempted to get our new visas

one year in Ecuador!

Last month we celebrated one year of life and partnering in ministry here in Ecuador.  Here was the good ole fashioned snail mail newsletter we sent out to supports in case you missed it!  Thank you so much for your

in visa news…

Well friends, the visa saga continues.

Thank you so much to all who have been praying for and have been asking about the situation with renewing our visas.  Unfortunately, we were unable to apply for the visas that we need

farming again

words by chris

In 2009, a few months after first arriving in Ecuador our first term, I was asked to join the board of FACE (Foundation for the Advancement of the Communities of Ecuador). For those who don’t know, FACE

so about that trip to Chicago

So about that trip to Chicago.

A few weeks ago we had a meeting with the lawyer here in Quito that represents the Ecuador mission.  Through the course of conversation in our meeting, it came up that due to some

52 seconds

Easter Sunday of this year marked the one-year anniversary since the earthquake that rocked the coast of Ecuador in 2016.

Endless stories and retellings of the events of that April 16th have marked our few visits to the coast

a week of lament, connection, and encouragement

As many of you may know, two weeks ago participants from ministries and churches in Mexico, Ecuador, and the United States gathered together in a cold, damp, Quito church to begin a course on intrafamiliar violence and human trafficking. Participants

The Barmen Declaration – A Lenten Reflection

Our home church in Chicago, Resurrection Covenant Church, has been using the Barmen Declaration as “an intentional exploration of the ‘other way’ of Christ” during this season of Lent.  Throughout these weeks, members of the community have been asked to

visa update!

Just wanted to give a quick (and overdue!) update about our visa situation.

The situation with our visas has been temporarily resolved and for that we are so very grateful!  We originally thought that our visas were going to expire

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