About our family

We are four.

We each love to read, draw, write, and create.

We have mandatory weekly family dance parties.

We love to hike and walk through cities and the country.

We are learning that sometimes we all have to take a moment for deep breaths and count to 3…or 10…or 593.

We value sharing life with many people from many different places, cultures, faiths, and walks of life.

We yearn to search for and share our experience of God in the everyday activities of life; in cooking and hanging the laundry,  playing legos and walking to school, in good conversation and shared cups of coffee.

We value time around the table and offering space to share with others the struggles, joys, and concerns along the journey of life.  Hospitality is perhaps our greatest joy, in being both guest and host.

About the ministry

The Evangelical Covenant Church of Ecuador (IPEE) has invited us into a role that focuses on pastoral care and education.  Currently, there are over 90 churches, 7 schools and numerous community development projects that make up IPEE.  IPEE also recently began a new church planting initiative with the hope of starting 50 new faith communities in the next five years.  IPEE leaders recognize that sustaining and supporting leaders is critical to the advancement of God’s kingdom and IPEE’s missionary task in Ecuador.  While this is an exciting time in the life of the church, the reality of the responsibilities and isolation for leaders and their families can easily lead to a place of ministry fatigue and exhaustion.  IPEE has asked us to serve in equipping leaders, providing resources, creating a collegial network, as well as crisis intervention, care and hospitality.   We will be partnering with the seminary of IPEE and the Department of Comunión (compassion and unity).  We are grateful to be able to be a part of IPEE’s vision to support and care for pastors, educators, and development workers in the same way that they faithfully care for their communities.  We invite you to join in partnership.

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  1. Coriander

    Have been reading the blogs. Keep on making a difference. You are thought of and prayed for often!

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