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June 2014 Commissioning at the Covenant Annual Meeting

June 2014 Commissioning at the Covenant Annual Meeting

We would love to have you collaborate with us as we seek to see God’s Kingdom furthered in Ecuador.

Here is how you can join us:

The best way to participate financially is to pledge and provide monthly donations. This can be done very easily online if you download an Electronic Funds Transfer form ( and designate our name in the Account Name area and return it by mail. This withdraws a monthly amount directly from a checking account and 100% of the pledge is used for our support.

If you’d prefer to use a credit card, you can go to our giving page online ( where there will be clear instructions on how to do so.

Checks can be written to the Evangelical Covenant Church with “Erik and Kristina Amundsen” in the memo line, then mailed to 8303 W Higgins Rd., Chicago, IL 60631.

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One thought on “Click Here to Partner With Us!

  1. Hi Erik and Kristina!

    My name is Magnus, I am currently in Ecuador working for an NGO that grows mushrooms for bioremediation of oil pollution. I read on your blog that you had once partaken in a project using oyster mushrooms for community poverty alleviation? This is something we are also interested in doing (and are already to some extent doing). Could it be possible to get more information about the project you were involved with, or get the contacts of people who are still working with this so that we could meet and share experiences?

    Best regards,


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