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Medical Caravan Completed

Posted by on April 10, 2016

This past week the Santiago Partnership held a Medical Caravan in the Kichwa community of Lote 4 and with our partner church, Iglesia Emanuel, where we saw over 340 little patients as the children of the two Compassion sites were receiving their annual check ups. The service was performed by a collaboration of our Medical Clinic staff, our missionary Kim Delp and our volunteers for this week, Erica Liebelt, and Richard and Tara Euler. Thank all for your collaboration and service with the Santiago Partnership.

_12670722_1288265874517740_5411367971736461389_n 984076_10207075642831120_4611871548137235156_n 995336_10207075641071076_6951731046663338606_n 12439368_10207053322753132_4289987625906878349_n 12472282_10207073140968575_3260945490653435283_n 12920522_1288264067851254_7595847757170466940_n 12923276_10207067918318012_7491200652836477238_n 12928240_10207075642031100_8527434233489786656_n 12931267_10207067918438015_5748931135146199730_n 12931297_10207067919318037_5118952505964576034_n 12936601_10207075644751168_8556499217421602969_n 12938215_10207067920038055_58114617637098806_n 12938273_10207053320793083_4850001857488081946_n 12938293_10207053321873110_8603427120749303183_n 12961461_10207067918838025_6907175951794101011_n 12963593_10207075641591089_4721670465632607868_n 12963868_1287796097898051_2548133420321284443_n 12974378_10207075638751018_8323285548198241541_n 12974435_10207053321273095_1029584591659295444_n 12986987_10207075641191079_8398852804385856569_n IMG_5643

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