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Japan: Two Years Later

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Today, March 11, marks the anniversary of the devastating earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan two years ago. Covenant World Relief is still working with partners in Japan, providing ongoing relief and development to victims of the disasters. Your ongoing gifts for Japan are providing for the long-term care and work to continue.

Much has been done in the past two years! Below is an update from one of our partners about the progress that has been made:

Matsui-san, who worked closely with the United Project and 3.11 Network in Miyako City, has returned to Hokkaido in December 2012. I was kindly invited to visit her house in Sapporo City leading to my first trip to Hokkaido as part of my winter vacation.

The journey was 444 kilometers, including a 2-hour car trip, an overnight trip on a ferry, and another car trip after that. Although I could imagine the long distances in my head, actually travelling this journey made me feel all the sacrifice and hard work that many volunteers has chosen to do over almost two years of United Project’s stay in Iwate.

Even now, many volunteers come to Miyako City to serve weekly. Thanks to the constant support of these volunteers, we are able to continue to deepen our relationship with the local community. Despite this current situation, I am forced to think of how long we can continue United Project’s work in Iwate. It has now been almost two years since the earthquake and tsunami that struck Iwate. The reconstruction of the city has been proceeding quickly, and looking around the city it is difficult to spot any physical trace of this disaster. Continue Reading »

Best Photos of 2012

(click on the photo to see a larger image and to see where the photo was taken)

Working Together in Japan

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By Jay HaworthCovenant missionary to Japan

On June 24, a group of 10 young adults from two campuses of the Newsong Church in Southern California came to assist the Japan Covenant Church in disaster relief efforts. I joined the team for a few days to help with transportation and was deeply touched by their enthusiasm and faith. What prompts young professionals to take personal vacation time, pay their own way to travel to a foreign country and do something they’ve never done before for people who don’t even speak their language? The concept of “surrender to God and faith that He will provide” was clearly evident in the team as they sought to serve. What a foundation for ministry! read more…

Recovery in Japan is both Fast and Slow

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Last month I visited the earthquake and tsunami affected area of northeast Japan for the third time.  I lived in Japan for nearly twenty-five years and we often experienced earthquakes, but never any close to the March 11 quake which was the largest in Japan’s recorded history. Hundreds of miles of coastline including numerous villages were destroyed by the tsunami that hit about thirty minutes after the earthquake. Ninety five percent of the thousands who died drowned.

It was amazing to see how quickly the recovery has taken place. Most of the rubble has been cleared. Roads and bridges have been repaired. The majority of the thousands of people who lost their homes are now living in temporary housing constructed by the government. Compared to Haiti this is amazing progress.  However, what is obvious is that in many ways, most of which are not visible, the recovery will continue for years. CWR partners continue to provide food and supplies to those who are still in need. The number of people who have these kinds of needs continues to decline. Continue Reading »

Updates from Japan

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Gary Carlson has had some great blogs from recent relief efforts in Japan. Here’s an excerpt from their blog:

After my time in October helping out in the tsunami areas of the Pacific coast of Iwate prefecture, I was eager to get back and help once again.  The week of November 28-December 2 gave me that chance.  This time I went with Matt Williams.  Matt is 25, and is from Redeemer Covenant Church in Minneapolis, MN – one of our faithful supporting churches.

Matt and I left early on the morning of Monday the 28th, and took the same route I travelled when I went up in October.  We left the Tohoku express highway in Ichinoseki, and went due east to the coastal city of Kesennuma.  From there we worked our way north up the coast to the city of Miyako.  Since I had been there before, it was good to see it through Matt’s eyes, as he was looking on the devastation for the first time.



You can read more on the Carlson’s blog here.