Women in Congo Have New Hope

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CWR partners in Goma, Congo have been working with women and girls to provide them with vocational training. Through tailored vocational and human rights education and improving the health and economic opportunities available to unwed teenage mothers and children, HOLD is addressing the root causes of extreme poverty and inequity.

Over the past few mothers 80 women have passed the board exams and received their certificates from the government representative from the Division of Social Services. These women and girls have learned how to manage micro-credit, how to calculate profitability, and the importance of saving in business. They have also participated in awareness sessions focused on health concerns like malaria and unplanned pregnancies and have learned more about their own basic human rights.

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Recovery Continues in the Philippines

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Photo by World Relief

Photo by World Relief

On November 8, Typhoon Haiyan, one of the biggest storms ever recorded, slammed into the Philippines. The current death toll is 6,201 with 1,785 missing. More than 1.1 million houses were damaged or destroyed. Thanks to generous Covenant churches and individual donors, more than $190,000 has been donated to CWR in response to this terrible disaster.

Because of your generosity, Covenant World Relief has:

• Provided primary health care services via clinics in more than 300 villages through RTR Hospital in Tacloban, as they executed their disaster response plan with Medical Teams International.

• Supplied emergency food and relief packages, temporary shelters, support for on-the-ground coordination efforts and ongoing logistics for a disaster operation center with World Relief and PHILRADS (Philippines Relief and Development Services).

• Distributed relief supplies with the Jesus Covenant Church.

• Participated in the ongoing reconstruction of homes and rehabilitation of livelihoods with Operation Hope. Continue Reading »

Palm Oil Enterprise

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Sharon Davis, a former covenant missionary to Cameroon, has been working with rural villages in Cameroon for years. Over time she had developed strong relationships with the communities in the area and has created some flourishing development projects with partnership with CWR. A new project that is in the works is called “palm oil enterprise.” This project came about in an interesting way. Sharon Davis was approached by community members who wanted to learn how to make soap and lotion, so she led a seminar for a group of 25 women in the community. After the women were taught how to make body lotion and soap they realized they had an abundance of palm kernels going to waste in the village and if they had a press and cracker they would be able to produce kernel oil, a main ingredient in the soap and lotion. Six of the women who attended the seminar began pursuing this idea with Sharon and eventually developed the palm oil enterprise. The women decided that they will not work on creating soap and lotion yet but will make kernel oil from unused kernels from the village and sell the oil for cooking and for the treatment of various ailments.

The building for the palm oil press.

The building for the palm oil press.

As of early March, the women with partnership with CWR have been able to purchase a building and the two machines needed for the production of the oil. They have also participated in trainings about bookkeeping and about running the machines. The project should be up and running right now! Continue Reading »

India Drought Relief Update

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MAHARASHTRA (5)About 11,108 villages of 34 districts in Maharashtra, India were hit by severe drought during 2013.  There were shortages of water, not only for drinking, but also for watering crops. Farmers were helpless and people didn’t know where to go for help and many left the area in search of work and food. As tankers were made available and hand pumps were repaired, water was more accessible but villagers knew that more needed to be done. People are now thinking about adopting an alternative cropping pattern. They are considering adopting sustainable crops instead of cash crops. For example, mango trees need sufficient care and nurture in the beginning stages, but once they are grown they can survive even when there is an obvious scarcity of water.

This drought has left many in need of immediate relief. Here is one story of survival:

My name is Sunil Gangaram Landge. MAHARASHTRA (3) I am 39 years old.  We have 2 sons and a daughter.  Continue Reading »

Engaging the Elderly

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There are many Covenant Churches around the world. I haven’t personally been to a very large selection of these churches but I enjoy hearing stories of how they see a need in a community and work to address that need. One such church is the Evangelical Covenant Church in Chile.

Arts Fair 2013In 2012, the Evangelical Covenant Church in Osorno, Chile noticed that it had a large population of marginalized elderly members. These members are either homebound and unable to fully support themselves or are self-sufficient but have no occupation or motivation in life. The church approached CWR for a small grant to begin a project to meet that need. Continue Reading »