Relief in Iraq

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There are more than 500,000 displaced people because of the violence in Iraq and Syria. Many people have fled to Kurdish controlled regions. The authorities have set up few camps to house the displaced people. Many have been camping in schools, churches, and with relatives. The situation is getting worse where the water pipes are being cut off and people have to buy bottled water to drink. Their wells give them salty and contaminated water so they can barely wash. The situation is changing daily; the last period resulted in many Christians fleeing. Christians and Yazidis minorities are being harmed daily and are trapped in refugee camps. Covenant World Relief is partnering with the Evangelical Church in the Kurdistan region to provide food, shelter, and basic needs.

–written by Polly Kalantzis, CWR intern and North Park University student

Devastating Floods in Kashmir, India

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Covenant World Relief is partnering with Hindustani Covenant Church (HCC) during the disastrous rain and flooding that has killed nearly 500 people in India and Pakistan.  Steven David, the moderator (president) of HCC, has asked that people pray for the many villages that are being submerged, the families who are being displaced,  and the lack of infrastructure based on these floods (lack of roads, communication, etc.).

Rescue and relief organizations are having trouble helping the people because of the heavy flooding. The Army and Natural Disaster Response Force have been able to rescue 22,000 people with the help of 22 helicopters and 45 aircrafts. People There are no clothes or basic necessities for these people, but they have found some shelter in government buildings and on roof tops. Air drop offs have been able to provide food packets, medicine, and blankets as best as possible. Steven David asks for prayer in this hard time for the flood victims of Kashmir, India. Covenant World Relief is working with HCC to provide immediate relief to those affected by this flooding.

Preventing Childhood Sexual Abuse in Mexico

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Prevention of childhood sexual abuse TequixquiacThrough the Human Trafficking project in Mexico, several workshops have been held in local Covenant churches to help prevent childhood sexual abuse. The projects have been well received and there has been interest to begin the conferences in local schools. Thank you for your support of this project that allows this preventative work to go forward.




Matching Gift Opportunity

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This September your gift can go twice as far with Covenant World Relief! All gifts to our work to end human trafficking by first-time CWR donors will be matched. Please help us spread the word and meet this challenge. Give now at





Sustainable Development

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P1280397Part of effecting truly sustainable community development is the commitment of the local communities to the project. Without this, a community-development project looks like any other charity and may not be well received by the local community. Without investment in a project from the local community, the project may soon be another wasted source of funds. However if the community is committed in making the project a reality, chances are they will be committed to its continued and long lasting livelihood.

Members of communities in West Pokot County, Kenya are doing just that. They have realized that it is up to them to take the initiative to get these projects off the ground. This is extremely encouraging and is leading to successful programs in both Self Help groups and Food Security programs in the area. Men and Women, and even neighboring groups who have before been in conflict have come together, realizing the importance of these projects for the livelihood of their respective families and communities.

It is really exciting to see that just as Covenant World Relief has partners with us, we also get to partner directly with the communities on projects. Not only that but these communities are also partnering with each other, promoting peace and sustainability that would never be possible without their involvement.