Hassan’s Story–A Syrian Refugee in Lebanon

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Week 2 HasanFACT:

There are many places in the world where children have had to suddenly leave their home. Here are some of the places where your offering and prayers will help children.
• Burma—violence, ethnic conflict
• India—violence, religious persecution
• Iraq—violence, ethnic conflict
• Kenya—Congolese refugees (violence)
• South Sudan—violence, ethnic conflict
• Syria—violence


Hassan is two years old. He and his family are from Syria, but now they live in a tent in a small temporary camp in the country of Lebanon. They are refugees. Hassan and his family used to live together in an apartment in a city in Syria. But when war broke out, bombs were dropped on their neighborhood and people were getting hurt and killed. That’s when Hassan’s mom and dad decided to flee to Lebanon. Life as a refugee is not easy. Instead of an apartment, they live in a tent made of vinyl sheeting and wood posts. Instead of a shower, they take bucket baths. Their toilet is in a tiny metal  building outside their tent. It’s called a latrine. Yet in spite of being a refugee, Hassan is happy. He has both his mom and dad, food, and water. There are no loud bombs scaring him at night. His family says, “At least here [in Lebanon] we feel safe,” “we can sleep,” and “our children consider this [the tent] their home.” Continue Reading »

Crocodiles in my house! Flooding in South Sudan

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South Sudan has experienced heavy flooding. This flooding brought many unwanted animals and reptiles into people’s homes and too close for comfort. I cannot imagine what it would be like to have wild crocodiles and snakes invading my home. The flooding has affected over 200,000 people in the youngest nation and destroyed a huge number of properties that the local people rely on to survive. In Bor town, the capital of Jonglei State where the Evangelical Covenant Church has four Congregations, the flood has caused more destruction and has displaced more than half of the town population. There are estimated to be 2,000 IDP’s (internally displaced people) in Bor town who live in 400 households. Since the flood that occurred in Bor town, the government of Janglei State has not been able to do very much to help the IDP’s. These people are camping in the open with the dangerous wild reptiles and harmful insects. Some of these people were relocated to an open field camp where there were not enough bug nets or other essential food items. The Evangelical Covenant Church of South Sudan was concerned by the devastating conditions of the IDP’s. These people need aid with food, non-food items (like bed nets), shelters, and necessary items that will help lighten there sufferings and sustain their life. Covenant World Relief is working with Evangelical Covenant Church of South Sudan to provide relief to those affected by the flooding.

Give now to our work with South Sudan here.

Pendo Esther’s Story–A Congolese Refugee in Kenya

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Pendo EstherFACT: 

A refugee is someone who has been forced to flee his or her country because of persecution, war, or violence. A refugee has a fear of persecution for reasons of race, religion, nationality, or membership in a particular social or political group. They cannot return home or are afraid to do so. War and ethnic, tribal, and religious violence are leading causes of refugees fleeing their countries.


My name is Pendo Esther. I am from the Democratic Republic of Congo but now I am here in Kenya as a refugee and I am being cared for by the Evangelical Covenant Church of Kitengela (near Nairobi). When the war moved toward the village I lived in, my family and I were forced to flee. As we ran from the battle I was separated from my parents. I’m not sure whether they are alive or if they died. I have not seen them since the day we left. After running and walking for a long time I met other adults, youth, and children fleeing toward Kenya, and they invited me to join them for the long walk to the refugee camp. Most of the time we walked, but sometimes we rode in trucks until we reached Kenya. It took many days. While on the run, you eat what you can hunt or gather. In the camps, you live off of the food that is given out, like cornmeal and milk.


Look at a map and find DR Congo and Kenya. Ask any questions you have about the story. Next draw something about the story and then share with the rest of the group. What would it be like to be separated from your parents? Thank God that Pendo Esther is being cared for by God through the Covenant church in Kenya.


There are two ways you can help Pendo Esther and others like her. You can give money that will help the Covenant church in Kenya provide food and clean water for refugee children and you can pray for Pendo Esther and other children who have run from war and have lost their parents.


Weekly, we will be posting the materials from the Kids Helping Kids: Refugee curriculum for your ease on our blog. You can access this project and learn more here. On our website you will find helpful resources for these stories including a powerpoint, prayer cards, and maps. Give to this project here.

A cup of water

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Last night, or early this morning I should say, I woke up and was thirsty.  I walked a mere 10 feet, grabbed a mug off the shelf,  filled it with cool, clean water, and dragged myself back to bed. Though in the moment this undertaking may have seemed difficult, it truly was an uncomplicated task that many perform nightly. That, however, would not be the case if the walk to this water was several miles away, as it was in San Bartolo, Honduras.  Women and children of the community had to make this trek every single day to collect water for drinking, cooking, bathing, cleaning, and so on.  Not only were they rarely able to collect enough water for the day, but the water they did collect was not safe for consumption, thus causing high rates of waterborne diseases. With this information, Covenant World Relief was able to partner with Water 1st International in June of 2013 to being addressing the issue. Just barely over a year later, the Water and Sanitation System for the community of San Bartolo, Lempira (Honduras) has been finished! Continue Reading »

Ministering to Syrian Refugees

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CWR partner, Heart of Lebanon is entering a new season of ministry this fall as they serve Syrian refugees. Here are two stories, as shared by a team member of the Heart of Lebanon, displaying Christ working through the church, and the great power He has throughout the world.

“At a recent food distribution for the Christian Syrian refugees, a woman came to the Heart for Lebanon team, tears in her eyes, asking for help.  Trying to calm her tears so they could figure out what was troubling her, the team brought her in to a small room.  Here, she shared about the death of her son as a result of the violence in Syria, and how she, her daughter-in-law, and two granddaughters were forced to flee to the Bekaa Valley.  Without a male to help provide for them, this family was completely on their own and suffering from extreme poverty; when the team went to visit the family they did not even have a mat to sit on.  This family is now receiving monthly food and hygiene portions from Heart for Lebanon, and is being visited on a regular basis by the team.  During these visits they are able to spend time in the Word and encourage the family to keep their faith and grow in Christ.” Continue Reading »