Never Tire of Doing what is Good

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One hard thing about long-term conflicts is that eventually people stop noticing the crisis. I have realized it in myself when thinking about Syria. I am an international politics major and I follow the news quite closely. However, I find myself skipping over the news from Syria because I have heard it all before and it is depressing. I just don’t want to hear it anymore.

This does not mean that the conflict in Syria is ending or even getting better. In fact, the UNHCR (United Nations High Commission on Refugees) has said that the crisis in Syria is the worst humanitarian disaster since the end of the Cold War. You don’t have to be a politics major to know that a lot of terrible things have happened in the world since then.

God encourages his followers to never tire doing what is good and there are people doing good work to help Syrians. Our partner, World Relief, is one such organization that we are working with and providing relief assistance for Syrians.

World Relief, working alongside local churches and other religious organizations, has established itself in Lebanon and Jordan and is working there to help refugees fleeing the conflict.  Most refugees leaving Syria have been registered with the UNHCR. While the majority of those registered live in refugee camps, others have been relocated to cities.  World Relief says that the Syrian refugees in cities “are renting homes but very few have found a means to support themselves financially. They arrived with the possessions they could carry. They come from various income levels. Most have had their homes or businesses destroyed. All are reliant on the mercy of others. The refugees are offered empty rooms and lack a decent place to sleep until they are given mattresses.”

World Relief is partnering with other organizations to help to provide basic home items and hygiene kits to families seeking comfort and normalcy.  They providemany important items like blankets, pillows, soap, toothpaste, cooking stoves, mattresses, and a fan.

World Relief hasn’t forgotten the needs of the vulnerable and stopped working in Syria. On the contrary, they are there, doing good work and I am glad that CWR is partnering with them.


–Michyla Lindberg, CWR intern

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