Gaining the confidence to pray through “Kids Helping Kids Haiti”

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Kids Helping Kids Haiti posterI always love watching how each child journeys through the process of faith formation. At the beginning of this year the Kids Helping Kids Haiti stories sparked a particular interest in one of the children in my class. She is a very compassionate young girl who is always looking out for her friends and taking care of others around her. Hearing the first Kids Helping Kids Haiti story, she became very concerned, asking many questions. One week I asked if she would pray for Haiti to close our time together. She became very nervous and said that she didn’t know how to pray, but that she absolutely wanted to pray for our brothers and sisters in Haiti. She prayed so passionately and so honestly for the people in Haiti, for the kids in our own classroom, for the end of injustice, for funds to be raised, for people to love each other even if we don’t know each other. For a girl who supposedly didn’t know how to pray, she certainly did a great job of taking my breath away!  This spirit of compassion that she has for the kids in Haiti awakened a hidden prayer warrior! Months later, I love to see that her confidence and her desire to pray has grown by leaps and bounds!

–Written by Victoria Gilmore, Children and Family ministry director at Northbrook Covenant Church and volunteer with Covenant World Relief

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