Learning to Pray in India

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photo 1

Usha teaching us to pray as Akshay translates.

As I reflect back on our time in India with the our CWR partners in Asia and the CWR associates (Covenant missionaries who work closely with CWR projects), one of the highlights was Usha teaching our group a prayer method. Usha stood in front of us and taught us all to pray using our hands in a 5-finger method.

photo 2


First, we see our thumb that points to us and we remember those who are close to us (our family and close friends). Second, we look at our pointer finger and pray for those we point at and those we respect (our teachers, pastors, community leaders). Third, we see our highest finger and pray for our highest government and pray for our leaders. Next, we look at our ring finger and because we can’t shake or bend this finger on its own, we pray for the disabled, the disaster victims, and the vulnerable. Lastly, we look at our pinky and humbly pray for ourselves last.


Isn’t that a great way to pray for our community? I am so grateful for our friends around the world and their model for faithfulness.


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