Japan Earthquake Relief Continues

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Over the past two and a half years since the earthquake, Covenant World Relief through the Japan Covenant Church has been working with the victims of the earthquake. Together, we are providing support to those still living in temporary housing and endeavored to foster community with those in the housing communities. Here is an update on the relief work:

We have spent significant time reflecting on the last two and a half years of service. Straight after the earthquake and tsunami, volunteers were focused on clearing up the debris and giving out emergency supplies. However, as the recovery efforts continued, and the needs of the victims living in temporary housing diversified, we focused on creating community in these temporary housing areas through inviting volunteer teams to perform and conduct different craft activities. Looking long term, we are now involved in constructing a community center in Miyako City, one of our main hubs. Additionally, we are inviting other volunteer organizations to partner with us in making a long-term commitment to these disaster affected communities.

However, despite the remaining victims still in temporary housing, many relief organizations have begun closing down their operations leaving us with more base camps and areas to support. The next step for our relief effort is uncertain, but from what we have learnt over the last 2 years, humbly continuing to do what we can when we need to is a testimony in itself. It is because of partners like the Evangelical Covenant Church that we are starting to see the fruits of this ministry. Thank you again for choosing to remember our ministry. 

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