Solidarity in Disaster Response

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In September, I attended the Solidarity in Disaster Management Consultation in Manila, Philippines. We discussed the importance of standing together, not just standing for one another. In light of the recent disaster in the Philippines, what we discussed is of even greater importance. We stand, not for the recognition, but for the intrinsic value of each of God’s children. We stand, not for the glory, but for the real possibilities of lasting relationships built on mutual support. We stand in the knowledge of God’s great love for us all. I am grateful for the Covenant World Relief partners in the Philippines and around the world that we have the opportunity to work with and for those who are joining us by giving to CWR. Join us as we continue to respond to the disaster in the Philippines.

The Solidarity in Disaster Management Consultation ended with these resolutions. I ask you to join with us as we continue to strive toward these goals.

To a Solidarity of purpose that demonstrates the character of the Church by collaborating intentionally with each other in integrity, humility, and goodwill, recognizing the dignity and inherent value of all;

To a Solidarity of process by advancing complete and transparent good practices of disaster management, including the wise and ethical stewardship of personal, corporate, and financial resources;

To Solidarity of consequence by holding ourselves, our community, our leaders, and our governments accountable before God and one another;

To a Solidarity of passion as advocates for justice, equality, dignity, and the transformation of persons, communities, and society;

So as to make manifest God’s Shalom.


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