Japan Earthquake Relief Update

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It has been more than two years since the devastating earthquake and tsunami hit Japan, and it has not been an easy road of recovery. Many are still unable to return home, so they live in temporary housing with others. Covenant World Relief continues to support our partners in Japan as they provide long-term care for those greatly affected by these disasters.

In the midst of this work, several wonderful things have been happening! Below is a story from our partners working with those who are living in temporary housing:

japanMarch has been busy at Grace House with volunteer teams of both high school and university students. A team from Tama Seigakuin Girls High School prepared songs and meals for residents at the largest temporary housing area, Nagahora, in Ofunato. This area contains 300 units and is home to more than 800 people. The Tamasei team prepared “nabe ryori” (a hot dish), sang some Christian songs that they had prepared, and had great interaction with the resident. Everyone was encouraged by their visit.

Soon thereafter, a team of Christian university students from all over Japan visited us. They performed music and prepared “dango” (Japanese snacks) for the housing area residents. Please pray for more teams to come to Iwate and Ofunato. Teams from both inside Japan and from overseas bring encouragement to the tsunami survivors.

We continue to touch the hearts of many in Ofunato through English conversation classes. One of our high school students recently professed faith in Jesus which gave great joy to all the Christians in her life. She is now off at university.

Continue to join us in prayer for those affected by the earthquake and tsunami as they move toward healing.


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