Surviving in the camp of Mugunga 3

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Since we’ve been here, we live thanks to the aid brought to us by HEAL Africa” says Kyakimwa Belinda.* This 30-year-old woman has been displaced by war. She has been living for 5 months with her 4 children in the Mugunga 3 camp for displaced people, more or less 7 km from the city of Goma in the East of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Belinda left her home after clashes between the Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo (FARDC) to the rebel movement of March 23 (M23) in the territory of Rutshuru in North Kivu province.

Kyakimwa Belinda HEAL AfricaShe has very bad memories of this war: “armed men arrived the night at our house, they shot my husband and my second son. My husband died immediately, and my son died a few hours later”. Since then, Belinda left her home, and now lives in a house built with a tarp provided by HEAL Africa. “In 2 months we have been helped 4 times by HEAL Africa, we have received flour, salted fish, vegetable oil, blankets, clothes, rice, sugar, and soap” says Belinda, who acknowledges that despite the conditions in the camps, the aid received contributes to her family’s survival. “Here in the camp, I don’t have any means to trade, or do any other work. HEAL Africa has become the father of my family” says Belinda, before exclaiming “If the aid is stopped, how will we survive?”

Belinda wishes for the Congolese State to put an end to the continuous wars in her territory of origin “If there is peace, we can return to our villages, and we can cultivate as before” assures Belinda, who visibly advocates for other displaced people. As for her, she is convinced that she does not want to return home “I do not know if I could go back, I have a lot of heartache. If I could find another place to go, it would be better for me”.

As with Belinda, each and every displaced person in the Mugunga 3 camp has their own story of the horrors experienced during the war. Thanks to the funds received from various donors, HEAL Africa is trying to respond to the vital needs being faced within the camp.

*This story is brought to us by our partners in Congo.

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