How to Reduce Vulnerability When Disasters Strike…

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OK Tornado Dave Husby May 2013 (5)When disasters occur, it is the poor who suffer the most. For sixty-eight years, Covenanters have been responding generously to the poor through Covenant World Relief. In 2011, severe flooding affected more than twenty million people in Pakistan. Crops and herds were wiped out, houses were destroyed, and waterborne diseases spread throughout the population. CWR responded through our partners to provide life-saving relief. Months later, a local Christian organization requested assistance to help reduce the vulnerability of the poor when the next disaster happens. CWR is now partnering in a comprehensive disaster risk reduction project among the poor in Pakistan. It is said that for every dollar spent reducing vulnerability, five dollars are saved in disaster relief costs.

The majority of the funds donated to Covenant World Relief are used to address extreme poverty and injustice—through micro-enterprise development, agricultural development, community health, women’s empowerment, education, vocational training, and provision of clean water. These programs enable people to break out of the cycle of poverty. And that reduces their vulnerability to future disasters.

Covenant World Relief will continue the essential work of responding to disasters when they occur. However, we must continue to address extreme poverty and injustice in order to strengthen vulnerable communities. Your investment in this work is critical. Please help make these lifesaving and life-transforming ministries possible by making a generous gift to Covenant World Relief today. Thank you!

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