Mozambique Flood Response

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In partnership with World Relief, CWR is responding to a devastating flood that hit in southern Mozambique at the end of January. Following heavy rainfall that caused river levels to quickly rise by an estimated 10-18 feet, a massive flood surge down the Limpopo River hit high levels and engulfed the town of Chokwe, where thousands of homes were destroyed. Three makeshift displacement camps were formed to provide access to shelter, latrines, food and water, but they are unable to accommodate the great need. An estimated 500,000 have been affected by the flooding.

The worst impact is felt by those in villages along the river where food security and crops were completely destroyed. Losing the crop before the harvest results in hunger and economic and food insecurity in these communities.

Our response to this devastation has two primary objectives:

  1. To provide assistance to vulnerable families by providing teams of people, clean-up kits and other non-food items to assist flood victims in cleaning, rehabilitating and rebuilding homes.
  2. To provide quality seeds and other farm-rehabilitation assistance to families whose fields were damaged or destroyed during the floods. This long-term approach to rehabilitation is our primary focus. 

Please pray for those affected by this flood, as it will likely be a long time before life returns to normal for them, especially the farmers. Also, consider giving to our Disaster Relief Fund, which allows us to respond quickly to disasters like this.

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