Hurricane Isaac Relief Continues

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Much has happened since Hurricane Isaac struck the United States in late August 2012 (including another hurricane in October 2012), but our relief efforts have continued. One of our partners, Canal Street Church in New Orleans, is continuing to work with families that have not yet finished gutting their properties. They are also providing emotional support for individuals and families who were devastated by the storm. Many families were unprepared for the storm; they moved to the area because they had been flooded out during Hurricane Katrina, and this area had been unaffected by that storm. The church is providing counseling services for those affected.

The church has helped one family in particular who lost all of their furniture. They responded to the single mother’s call and have made her home ready to welcome her family back to.

While there is much left to do, we are thankful for our great partners who have made huge strides already. Please continue to pray for those who were affected physically and emotionally by Hurricane Isaac.

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