Disaster Response in Burma

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We received an update from a Covenant Missionary doctor about a Covenant World Relief disaster response project in Burma. This project is in a sensitive area and so we are not able to communicate many details in order to preserve the safety of the relief efforts. As we are able, we will communicate more. Thank you for your prayers for these marginalized and suffering people in Burma.

“The situation is pretty dire in the camps. There are about 100,000 people displaced and the camp we are working in has about 20,000 living mostly in tents donated by Saudi Arabia. In the clinics, we are seeing a lot of malnutrition, diarrhea, and malaria. This gives you an idea of the conditions. In our clinics, we have seen 4 babies die so far because of poor nutrition and lack of basic care.

Thanks again to CWR for helping me to be here. (CWR used donations from our emergency response fund to send this Missionary doctor along with sending other funds to aid in the relief.) I am seeing your dollars in action as they are mostly going to medications.”


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2 comments “Disaster Response in Burma”

Greetings from The Young Bawm Association (YBA), Chittagong Hill Tracts in Bangladesh. It is non profitable and social organization. The organization are start from 1976. specially for indigenous people in remote areas in the Chittagong Hill people among education, health, cultural, environment and Indigenous etc.

God blessed you all the best.

With regards,

Van Thlir Bawm (V.T)
The Yong Bawm Association, Chittagong Hill Tracks, Bangladesh.

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