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Covenant World Relief (CWR) has adopted a new tagline: “Partners in Transformation.” This slogan communicates the breadth and heart of our ministry. Those unfamiliar with CWR might think our main focus is disaster relief, but the majority of our time and resources are spent on long-term community development programs. Responding to disasters by providing food, water, medical care, and shelter is vital to saving lives and facilitating recovery. CWR has a long history of involvement in this important work and will continue to respond to disasters. However, when addressing extreme poverty and injustice, it is through long-term engagement in community development programs that individuals, families, and communities are truly transformed.

Transformation is the change from existence contrary to God’s purposes to life in full harmony with God and others.* Transformation is ultimately the work of God and all of us are in need of God’s transforming work in our lives.

Partnership is foundational to CWR. First, we recognize the vital importance of partnering with God, as God is the only one who can bring about true transformation. Without joining God, our work would be fruitless. Second, CWR partners with highly capable, time-tested, and trustworthy organizations, most of which are based locally and are a part of the local community. Finally, CWR partners with Covenant individuals and churches who give generously, pray, advocate, and serve. We are deeply grateful for your partnership because without the donations of Covenanters, CWR would not be able to carry out our mission to love, serve, and work together with the poor, the powerless, and the marginalized.

*adapted from IFECOUR [1996], 7.

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2 comments “Partners in Transformation”

What a great CWR summary! Thanks! I’ll work from it when I promote CWR this Sunday at Redeemer Covenant in Beloit, Wisconsin.

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